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We're creators and problem solvers.

At JMD, we’re not just a team—we’re a family. We encourage creativity and embrace risk-taking, challenging the status quo every step of the way. Our mission? To make a difference daily. We firmly believe that by positively impacting our clients and their customers, financial success will naturally follow. While profitability matters, it’s not our sole focus. That’s what makes us unique, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We focus on the details

We’re all about the details. It starts with really listening to our clients – that’s how we ensure we meet and even exceed your expectations. But it’s more than that. It shows we genuinely care about you and your project.
We don’t believe in the high-pressure sales tactics you often see in the world today.
We do things differently, remember?
Our code? It’s clean and top-notch. Our documentation? Clear as day. And above all, we deliver what we promise – that’s a guarantee.
That’s what sets us apart.

User Experience always wins

Integrating  designs with easy-to-navigate user experience is the secret sauce for online success! We’re committed to exploring, and understanding your customers’ needs, allowing us to create an experience they won’t ever forget!

Meet the AWESOME team that breathe life into Pixelweave Design

Get to know the masterminds behind the code, your developers, and your friendly neighbourhood web designers!

Debra Basson


Jeff Hancox


Muhammad Afzal


Asad Ur Rehman


Hamna Yousaf

Content Writer

Mueed Ullah

Web Developer

Khadija Akhtar

Mobile App Developer

Fatima Shoukat

Mobile App Developer

Khalid Shahzad

Mobile App Developer


Account Manager

Our team includes Web Developers, Visual Communication Designers, Content Writers, and more. Together, they are the backbone of innovation, weaving code, design, and creativity into groundbreaking solutions.

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